Examples from the field of food and agriculture:
Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the public relations work of the German plant genome research programme GABI (Genome Analysis in the Biological System of Plants).
Period: since 2009
Communications role: Developing an internet portal for German plant research.
Brief description: The aim of the internet portal is to communicate the importance and fascination of plant research to the interested public. The site presents recent research results and background information on the subject of plants, as well as general political debates in the context of plant research and plant breeding in an informative manner and in context.
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Agriculture revisited
Client: German Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture (FNL – Fördergemeinschaft Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft e.V.)
Period: 2002-2006; 2007
Communications role: Designing an internet portal as a central communications tool for an EU project on re-experiencing, enjoying and understanding agriculture.
Brief description: Using selected dairy, fruit and vegetable produce, the site showcases the production and marketing of high-quality food from sustainable agriculture. In 2007 Genius organised and moderated a positioning workshop on FNL’s future work.

EFSA – food safety
Client: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Period: since 2006
Communications role: Supporting the European Food Safety Authority through editorial work and public relations tasks.
Brief description: The PR tasks include the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 annual reports, background texts for the website, the newsletter entitled Moving Together – News on European Food Safety Co-Operation, a poster display to mark EFSA’s fifth anniversary and a conference on GMO risk assessment for human and animal health and the environment that was held in Brussels in 2009.

Examples from the field of energy and the environment:

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology
Client: Hessian Ministry of Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (HMUELV)/HA Hessen Agentur GmbH
Period:  2010
Communications role: Organising information sessions and workshops
Brief description:  H2BZ Initiative Hessen and Hessen Agentur run information sessions and workshops every year on behalf the Hessian Ministry of the Environment at which they present developments in hydrogen and fuel cell technology and its potential applications. In 2010 Genius assisted with three of these events: a press workshop in Rüsselsheim with a programme of presentations and an opportunity to test drive hydrogen cars, the 9th Hessen fuel cell forum in Kassel and a workshop on green logistics and mobility in Darmstadt.

Bioenergy 2021
Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Period: 2008
Communications role: Training new BMBF researchers in basic research in the fields of energy and food and renewable raw materials.
Brief description: As part of the Bioenergie 2021 research programme, Genius was tasked with planning, organising and developing a six-monthly workshop series to train young researchers. As well as developing specialist expertise, the focus was on improving participants’ soft skills, which were analysed and developed further.

Examples from the field of biotechnology:
Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Period: since 2001
Communications role: Supporting BMBF-funded research projects on the biological safety of genetically modified plants.
Brief description: Professional communications management to accompany the BMBF funding programme for biosafety research. The aim is to present factual information regarding biosafety research on GM plants in a transparent manner to the broad public and to improve people’s perceptions in the public debate.
Important measures include the continuation and further development of the German and English internet platform, supporting BMBF-funded research projects through targeted press and public relations work, as well as organising and running status seminars on biosafety research.
Partner: i-Bio Information Biowissenschaften
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German Biotechnology Days 2012
Client: Hessian Ministry of Economics / HA Hessen Agentur GmbH
Period: 2012
Communications role: Organising and running an expert conference and an accompanying evening event.
Brief description: The German Biotechnology Days are an annual central meeting place for the biotech industry. They were held on 9 and 10 May 2012 the third time and have been carried out by BIO Deutschland e.V. in cooperation with Hessen-Biotech in Frankfurt/M. Genius supported the event in all aspects of organization: the coordination with the conference hotel, catering and technical equipment, the booking of shuttle buses, the coordination of an accompanying exhibition, the planning, preparation and implementation of an evening event at the Senckenberg-Museum, the creation of conference materials, the participant management and the on-site support. In addition, Genius supported the program design and selection of speakers and presenters.
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Client: European Commission, DG Research (2005-2007), German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV)
Period: since 2007
Communications role: Designing, project managing and editing a new consumer portal on food quality and food safety.
Brief description: The project was funded within the 6th Framework Programme under Priority 5: Food Quality and Safety. The website presents easily understandable facts and background information on the quality and safety of GM food. The aim is to support consumers’ freedom of choice in relation to GM food.
Partner: i-Bio Information Biowissenschaften

Examples from the field of nanotechnology:

7th Nanotechnology Forum, Hessen
Client: Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation and State Development (HMWVL)/HA Hessen Agentur GmbH
Period: 2010
Communications role: Organising and running an expert conference.
Brief description: Genius provided organisational and conceptual support for the 7th Nanotechnology Forum in Hessen – from putting together the programme and sourcing speakers to running the event at ESOC in Darmstadt. Over 250 experts came to listen to the programme of presentations on the European Dimension of Nanotechnology on 1 December 2010. To tie in with the conference, a programme of visits was arranged the previous day to several firms and research bodies in the metropolitan area of Rhine-Main-Neckar.

Hessen discussion forum: Nanotech - the future is here
Client: Hessian State Chancellery/Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation and State Development (HMWVL)
Period: 2006
Communications role: Preparing and running a major event
Brief description: As part a series of events entitled ‘Hessen im Dialog’, the state government of Hessen held an all-day information and discussion forum on nanotechnology on 9 November 2006 for experts, the media and the interested public. Genius was involved as an external convention bureau. Its tasks included in particular designing and planning the nanotech marketplace, including a discovery trail.

Examples from the field of medical technology:

Hessen-Biotech innovation forum
Client: Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation and State Development (HMWVL)/HA Hessen Agentur GmbH
Period: 2000, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010
Communications role: Organising and running expert conferences
Brief description: The Hessen-Biotech Innovation Forum is the main annual biotech event organised by the Hessian Ministry of Economics. Genius developed the basic concept for the event, which has been held regularly since the end of 2000, and has since been involved on several occasions in preparing and organising the whole event. Most recently, Genius organised the 2010 event on biotherapeutics in Marburg and the 2010 event on personalised medicine in Frankfurt.

Medical relevance of epigenomics research in Germany
Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Period: 2006-2007
Communications role: Producing a study on the ‘Innovation potential of epigenomics in medicine: investigating molecular causes, diagnostic procedures and new treatments’.
Brief description: The study represents an inventory of medical research and development in the area of epigenomics in Germany and presents the current status of research, technological trends and the level of maturity of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods (e.g. for cancer and neurological diseases). It highlights the strengths and spheres of activity of this relatively new research area and evaluates the innovative potential of epigenomics.



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